Media Group

In contrast to traditional consumer marketing tactics and product placement, the Honeydrop Media Group will focus on innovative production strategies designed to approach the creation of content to build awareness for the brand by associating it with the highest levels of creative talent both in front of and behind the camera. In today’s world, digital content is not just a marketing tactic; it is a valuable product unto itself with an unlimited shelf life and multiple channels of distribution. We want our content to tell stories for all ages, evoke emotional responses, be entertaining, and make lasting positive social impacts. Through Honeydrop Media Group, we’re more interested in creating conversations & immersive experiences around the brand’s culture; not simply selling consumer products.

We are a team who is always buzzing off of innovative ways to change with the times while respecting the values & lessons of traditional production tactics. A team who is proud and excited to be included in the brand’s growth. Working with our Managing Partners & Creative Advisors we will “Cross-Pollinate” Honeydrop’s brand culture across all verticals of the entertainment industry & help breathe fresh ideas to constantly keep our storytelling interesting and current. Through collaboration with rising creative talents who love the brand and incubation of their ideas we will organically infuse Honeydrop across the entertainment industry naturally. From events, to film, television or shorts, all the way to granular social media clips for Instagram, YouTube & TikTok; we want to live on all platforms and support all types of artists, with the idea that we all will bloom together. The “Cross-pollination” of branded content allows our creative advisors to not only participate in producing our own innovative concepts with us in-house but to help incubate their own creative ideas that The Honeydrop Media Group can, in turn, help them produce. In a time where the consumer’s need for consumption is insatiable, we want to be a part of every facet.


Honeydrop is a brand that has built a strong cult following of fans in all entertainment fields from comedians, actors, musicians, athletes, and social media content creators. With loyal fans stretching from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, our mission is to “cross pollinate” with these amazing creative talents across multiple media platforms to produce first class content designed to leave a lasting impression of the brand’s culture and keep our fan’s BUZZING.